Syllabus for Ayurveda MOH examination in UAE

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The written exam shall include testing in

a. The basic sciences including but not limited to anatomy, physiology, bacteriology, pathology, hygiene, and chemistry as related to human body or mind.
b. The clinical sciences, nutrition, preventive and public health medicine
c. Professional ethics and any other subjects that the examining board may deem advisable

Multiple Choice Written Examinations
The written exam generally consists of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Short-answer-objective type questions and questions based on diagrams/pictures/images depicting medical conditions may be also included in the written exam. MCQs may be structured in such a way that only one answer would be correct, in such a case there would be no negative markings. There may also be MCQs with multiple correct answers. In such a case, there would be negative marking for wrong answers chosen. Instructions for each type of MCQs would be clearly given during the examination time.

After passing the MOH theory exam wait for email from the TCAM cordinator and then select the dates assigned.

No person is allowed to practice Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the UAE, without prior permission from the UAE Health Regulatory Authorities

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