How to start practicing Ayurveda under DHA (DUBAI HEALTH AUTHORITY)

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A candidate who has received Evaluation Certificate i.e. (PASSING) can work anywhere within U.A.E, after obtaining a LICENSE from regional Health Authorities such as HAAD-Health Authority Abu Dhabi for Abu Dhabi, DHA-Dubai Health Authority for Dubai region, BUT if you want to establish a practice in Northern Emirates like Sharjah, Ajman, Ummul Quwain, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah then regional Ministry of Health Offices will be responsible bodies to issue you the license to practice in those particular areas.

In order to attach your TCAM License to DHA you have to got to the link below and register.

DHA Registration »

If you have any trouble with registration please send mail to Wait for the registration to be approved by the authroity. Once the registration is successful proceed to upload your certificate just the same way you did for the MOH process.

You must also get the PSV (Primary Sourse Verification) from the Dataflow team, and upload it together with MOH Evaluation certificate form the MOH Autority.

For more information please comment below.

Sudhin commented:

Am a Ayurveda therapist I stadied 1 year Ayurveda panchakarma and inter national spa therapy course in sree sanakaracharya Sanskrit university reganal center Ettumanoor how I can apply for dha certificate I hv 3 year work experience in this feeld plz help me to apply dha certificate

Admin commented:

@sudhin First you need to attend the exam with Ministry of Health UAE then proceed to DHA

Dr Muna commented:

Would you please send me the legislation for Homeopathy practice within the UAE. Is there a law issued for the use of homeopathy within DUBai by DHA? thanks

Gokul krishnan commented:

I am an Ayurveda therapist with 1 year experience in India and 1 year in Russia . Presently i am working in Russia and i would like to work in Dubai or Oman . Is it possible to work in Dubai with MOH . What are the formalities should i do to write the exam.(moh & dha)

Jyothis v commented:

I m Ayurveda doctor.. I have to write dha exam and dataflow.. What are the procedures for that??

Sanathkumar commented:

Sir I am a B.A.M.S doctor in 2003 I completed my degree.worked in many hospital. Since 15 yrs I am practicing modern medicine. So may I get any jobs in UAE....reply. Thank you.

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