After successful completion of Homeopathy interview:

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Ranking / License to practice / Evaluation Certificate

For those who secure higher marks will be awarded Independent Practice Certificate. For others Under the Clinic license only.

Upon the recommendation of the examination committee, the evaluation committee grants one of the following options according to the qualifications, experiences and results of written and oral examinations:

a. Allowed to work in a medical center
b. Allowed to work independently
c. Allowed to work under supervision in the same specialty

At present no government jobs are available for Alternative medicine people at UAE. But you can earn much from your private practice or attached to many hospitals.

After passing this exam a candidate will be given EVALUATION CERTIFICATE mentioning remarks.

To Work in a Medical Center Only where one can be allowed to practice only where physicians of modern medicine are already present in that particular set up OR May Work Independently which allows them to have owns practice,& this Evaluation is a passing certificate but not the License & which in no way guaranties any jobs in Government Sector,& there does not exists any openings for TCAM Practitioners in MOH Controlled Hospitals & Primary Health Care Centers till now(at present), but TCAM is growing in private medical sector & TCAM Practitioners are being employed in private medical centers /Polyclinic & even in some private major Hospitals.

A candidate who has received Evaluation Certificate i.e. (PASSING) can work anywhere within U.A.E, after obtaining a LICENSE from regional Health Authorities such as HAAD-Health Authority Abu Dhabi for Abu Dhabi, DHA-Dubai Health Authority for Dubai region, BUT if you want to establish a practice in Northern Emirates like Sharjah, Ajman, Ummul Quwain, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah then regional Ministry of Health Offices will be responsible bodies to issue you the license to practice in those particular areas.

Jayshree Thakur commented:

Dear Concerned, Im Dr. Jayshree Thakur (MD.Hom) from India, a homeopath with over 15 years of experience and am keen on answering the TCAM exam to be eligible to practice in UAE. Request help/ guidance/ assistance to enable me to apply flawlessly, as per required guidelines for this examination. Thanks, Dr. Jayshree

Mahera Moriwala commented:

Dear Madam, I graduated in Homeopathy from India in 2017. I am a resident in UAE from last 4 months and I would like to register for the license and HAAD examination. Can you please assist on how to meet all the necessary procedures?

Dr.Sheetal commented:

Hi, Would like to get all necessary detailed information about practicing cosmetology and aesthetic a homeopath in Abu Dhabi. Thanks and Regards,

Muhammad Tanveer commented:

how to appear in exam as homeopathic doctor for licensing

Ebadurrehman commented:

I am.MD.and DHMS from pakistan with 10 years of experiance in medical fieldplease tell me how to register from dha.for uae job.thanks

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