Process for Therapeutic Massage licensing in UAE

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Once the application is accepted by the authority, you will be able to select the dates for examination. This is were the sorting of candidates comes in..

The MOH examination is of a simple structure but analyze in depth the capacity of the physicians. As of now the requisite qualification to sit for the examination is equivalent to BHMS/BAMS or respective degree from India, Pakistan, Russia, UK etc. (with the MOH reserving the rights to alter it in case of experience and expertise otherwise).

The candidates should also need a minimum of two years' practical experience after the internship. The TCAM exam consists of two parts. The first, a written examination (now a days conducted online using computer terminals) for 100 marks is a mixture of MCQ and short-answer questions / diagramatic questions. This is a common test for all the branches of complimentary and alternative medicines like Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, Acupuncture etc.

This is based on General Medicine and the questions are of good standard. Those who clear this examination will be called for an interview, where a panel of experts (Allopathic doctors and experts of TCAM specialty) will judge the capacity of the candidate as a physician. The respective TCAM specialty knowledge (like Homeopathic) is assessed in this part. The successful doctors will be given an evaluation certificate with register numbers, which is the license to practice TCAM discipline in UAE. This is a one time procedure like the qualifying examination and is valid life long provided you continue to practice in UAE and procure enough CME credits every year. As of now the examination is held in Dubai in once every three months. Click here for the next TCAM examination.

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