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For TCAM written examination only portions from General Medicine (Internal Medicine) will be asked for the written examination. For this it is best to have a thorough knowledge in Practice of Medicine based on Davidson's and Harrison's textbook of Internal Medicine. For familiarizing with the MCQ it is advisable to go to USMLE (US Medical Licensing Examination) type of multiple choice questions from various websites where a number of MCQs are given.

The rank file from your country's MD entrance examination is also a good aid. But remember that your practical knowledge is what counts, especially in the interview. Note that knowledge in your field of specialty (Homeopathy / Ayurveda etc.) is tested only in the interview, if you first pass the written exam. Overall the standard of the examination is in between undergraduate and post graduate (for Homeopathy between BHMS and MD) level of Indian Medical Syllabi.

Last, but not the least- we would like to emphasis once again the point. No one can do any kind of medical practice in UAE without a proper licence from the MOH/DHA/DHCC/HAAD. To get this you need proper qualification and some prior experience from your country of origin. Please do not forget it.

To summerize:
» A comprehensive and up to date knowledge in Practice of medicine and Community Medicine (SPM) is necessary.
» Davidson is the approved text by MOH
» No Homoeopathic / Alternative medicine questions during the theory exams, but liberally during interview.
» Questions are MCQ (multiple choice questions) type with 4/5 answers.
» Remember all the answers are more or less similar but only one is similmum.
» Questions are of PG standard
» Latest investigative procedures and normal biochemical values in International Units are asked for theory and viva.

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Note that the format for the MOH examination for other medical professionals are a bit different from that of TCAM Examination. These include the examination for Allopathy (like MBBS, MD, FRCP, MRCP), various specialties and super specialties under Allopathy (like Ophthalmology, ENT, Dermatology, Pediatrics) and Dental, Nursing, Pharmacist etc.

In addition to the slandered text books we advice the following books- these are highly useful
SARP (C.K.Sinha)- PG medical admission test - for last moment revision
Mehta- Practical medicine
Salgunan- Post graduate Medical entrance review
FORD.M.J -1000 MCQ for Davidson- principles & practice of medicines
Sanjay.T - Comprehensive PG Entrnce review
Study materials available in
Study materials available in
Study materials available at
Remember-Davidson & Harrison are the most standard text book from which majority of the MCQs are compiled
Read at least Harrison Vol.1- you can answer 50% questions

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